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Now we're ready to enter our arguments. In our example, we want to combine the text in cells A2 and B2 , so we'll make each of those an argument:.

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You may have noticed that the first and last names don't have a space in between them. To add a space, we can simply add another argument: " " two double quotes around a space. Make sure the three arguments are separated by commas:.

MS Excel for Mac: Merge cells

Now we can use the fill handle to copy the formula to the remaining cells in this column. Back to Tutorial.

So, I know we were supposed to grab some Thai food tonight, but I'm stuck at work. That was so easy, and now I can copy and paste these names as a single column. Thanks for helping me figure this out so fast!

4 methods to merge cells in Microsoft Excel without any data loss

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Step 1 Enter the data for a chart that includes at least two data series. Step 2 Click and drag through the cells in which you entered your data to select all the series you want to include in your chart.

Step 3 Switch to the Charts tab of the Excel ribbon and select a chart type from the Insert Chart group. Step 4 Click on one of its columns or bars to select the data series you want to change to a different chart type.

Combine the content of two or more cells in Excel

Tip If your chart data includes more than two series, you can create a combination chart that uses three different chart types, one for each series. If you combine two charts of the same type, your results may be difficult to understand because of the lack of visual differentiation between them. For the same reason, if you combine two chart types that present information similarly but in different orientations -- for example, a column and a bar chart -- you may be unhappy with your output.

Each time you redefine a data series as a contrasting combination chart type, Microsoft Excel displays it behind the series you previously defined.

How to use the Excel CONCATENATE Function to Combine Cells

If you try to turn a data series into a chart type that requires more than one series, Excel adds the new chart using the data in all your data series. For example, if you create a three-series chart in line format, turn one data series into a column chart and try to transform the third series into a doughnut chart, the result shows your first series as a line, the second as a column behind the line and all three series as a doughnut behind the other two data series. In this scenario, the third series does not display as a separate chart type by itself.

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