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With its ForTheWinWin hashtag, Kraft Heinz wants us to believe that all of those outcomes are somehow a net positive for families. But the only real winner here is Kraft Heinz, which is apparently willing to do whatever it takes to move more blue boxes off the supermarket shelf—regardless of the consequences for kids. I feel like I just stepped back in time. Gagging at the sight of seafood? Refusing to eat vegetables?

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Parents need strategies and ideas for educating their kids about eating a variety of colorful and nourishing foods. Just like they need strategies for teaching their kids how to read, write, and use the potty.

New and Not Improved (Kraft Macaroni & Cheese Integrated Campaign)

Encouraging parents to throw in the towel is a disservice. So well put, Liz! And I, too, had wondered if this sort of pitch was on its way out but — clearly not.

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  4. Danielle Souder. You should provide a single or at least a double serving portion. A little less salt would be good too. See More. Terry Lundy. Been eating Kraft Mac and cheese for 50 yrs and can make alot of dif Me and my sis quit following the directions back in 75 and made it our own See More. Laurel Clemons.

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    How has Kraft not jumped on the boat for gluten free Mac and cheese? Annie's is edible But the cheese just ain't right and no matter how much milk I leave out, runny. Facebook , Twitter , YouTube. Songs - Add. Only Time - Enya iTunes. Actors - Add. None have been identified for this spot. Related Advertisers Bob Evans. Giovanni Rana. Giovanni Rana 5 Cheese Tortellini.

    Giovanni Rana Mushroom Ravioli. And I didn't want Cheddar Goblin to look quite the same on the box. I wanted the Cheddar Goblin on the box to look a little more friendly, a little more cartoon-y, a little more sanitized, but still a little off, so when you see him in person, you're like, "Oh my god! They really sweetened him up for the box. Cosmatos: Casper sent us the PDFs of the boxes, so we gave those to the production designer, and stocked the convenience store scene with Cheddar Goblin.

    Kelly: Panos was very specific. A period look helped for the kids, but also you just wanted the right vibe. We couldn't build a set, so we started looking around at Airbnbs for the most '80s kitchen we could find. We had to hunt for white refrigerators, wood paneling, yellow walls.

    I found one kitchen we loved, but the house was in a flood plain, and the bridge was washed out, so if it rained that day, we would be screwed. It took some hunting to find one we could use. I made sure to put that in there, because a landline hanging on the wall helped.

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    8. And flat lighting. And soft focus.

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      Morton: I sculpted Cheddar Goblin out of water-based clay in about four-and-a-half hours. That one has a scrunched up face and a wide-open mouth with no teeth, because you wouldn't see the teeth when he vomits. The other one has thermoplastic teeth. And I was painting these latex rubber puppets on set as we were getting ready to shoot. That's how fast we made these. Kelly: I wrote a script for a full commercial.