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How to Add an Adobe Acrobat 9 Printer to a Mac

The elif directive allows portions of a driver information file to be used conditionally. The else directive allows portions of a driver information file to be used conditionally when the corresponding if and elif expressions are non-zero. The endif directive ends a conditional block of a driver information file. It must appear after all of the if , elif , and else directives for the current conditional block. The font directive defines a "base font" for all printer drivers. The name is the PostScript font name. The encoding is the default encoding of the font, usually Standard , Expert , or Special , as defined in the Adobe PPD file specification.

PPD Compiler Driver Information File Reference

The charset defines the available characters in the font, usually Standard or Special , as defined in the Adobe PPD file specification. The status is the installation status of the font and must be either the word ROM or Disk. The if directive allows portions of a driver information file to be used conditionally. When followed by a name, the data that follows is used only when the name is defined, otherwise the data is ignored. The include directive reads the named driver information file. Otherwise, the file is opened in the current directory relative to the current driver information file, and if that fails then it looks in the include directories for the file.

The include directive can be nested to as many files as are allowed by the host operating system, typically at least files. The media directive defines a named media size for inclusion in a driver. The name with optional user text defines the name for the media size and is used with the MediaSize directive to associate the media size with the driver.

The name may contain up to 40 ASCII characters within the range of decimal 33 to decimal inclusive, except for the characters comma 44 , slash 47 and colon The user text, if supplied, may not exceed 80 bytes in length. The width and length define the dimensions of the media.

Creating PostScript Files in Snow Leopard for Older Print Workflows

Each number is optionally followed by one of the following unit suffixes:. Points are assumed if no units are specified. Multiple po directives can be specified to list multiple catalogs. The filename can be an absolute path or relative to the driver information file. GNU gettext and macOS. The Attribute directive creates a PPD attribute. The value is any string or number; the string may contain multiple lines, however no one line may exceed bytes. The Choice directive adds a single choice to the current option. If provided, the text can be any string up to 80 bytes in length.

If no text is provided, the name is used. The ColorDevice directive tells the application if the printer supports color.

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It is typically used in conjunction with the ColorModel directive to provide color printing support. The ColorModel directive is a convenience directive which creates a ColorModel option and choice for the current printer driver.

Acrobat’s Adobe PDF Printer Replaced in Snow Leopard

The colorspace argument is one of the standard colorspace keywords defined later in this appendix in the section titled, " Colorspace Keywords ". The colororder argument is one of the standard color order keywords defined later in this appendix in the section titled, " Color Order Keywords ". The compression argument is any number and is assigned to the cupsCompression attribute in the PostScript page device dictionary. The resolution and mediatype arguments specify the Resolution and MediaType choices which use the profile; the hyphen - is used to specify that any resolution or mediatype can be used with the profile.

Values larger than 1 cause a general lightening of the print while values smaller than 1 cause a general darkening of the print. A value of 1 disables gamma correction. A value 1 of disables density correction while lower values produce proportionately lighter output. The matrix argument specifies a 3x3 linear transformation matrix in row-major order. The Copyright directive adds text comments to the top of a PPD file, typically for use in copyright notices. The text argument can contain multiple lines of text, but no line may exceed bytes. The CustomMedia directive adds a custom media size to the driver.

The width and length arguments specify the dimensions of the media as defined for the media directive. The size-code and region-code arguments specify the PostScript commands to run for the PageSize and PageRegion options, respectively. The commands can contain multiple lines, however no line may be more than bytes in length.

The Cutter directive specifies whether the printer has a built-in media cutter.

When a cutter is present, the printer's PPD file will contain a CutMedia option that allows the user to control whether the media is cut at the end of the job. The Darkness directive defines a choice for the cupsDarkness option which sets the cupsCompression attribute in the PostScript page device dictionary.

It is used with the CUPS rastertolabel sample driver to control the print head temperature and therefore the darkness of the print. The temperature argument specifies a temperature value for the Dymo driver from 0 lowest to 3 highest , with 2 representing the normal setting. The following types are supported:. The Duplex directive determines whether double-sided printing is supported in the current driver. The type argument specifies the type of duplexing that is supported:.

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The Filter directive adds a filter for the current driver. The cost argument specifies the relative cost of the filter.

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  • The program argument specifies the program to run; if the program is not an absolute filename, then CUPS will look for the program in the CUPS filter directory. The Finishing directive adds a choice to the cupsFinishing option. The name is stored in the OutputType attribute in the PostScript page device dictionary.

    The Font directive defines a "device font" for the current printer driver. Device fonts differ from fonts defined using the font directive in that they are automatically associated with the current driver. The Group directive specifies the group for new Option directives. If provided, the text can be any string up to 40 bytes in length.

    The names General and InstallableOptions are predefined for the standard Adobe UI keywords and for installable options, respectively. Also included with this enhancement is a set of expanded hyphenation dictionaries to properly hyphenate typeset variable text in Dutch, Russian, Polish, Turkish, and Greek. Black-only crop marks. FusionPro v5. Text collisions can occur. FP Rotated table cell text in a rotated table is positioned incorrectly in FusionPro output FP Some special characters the registration mark, for example do not show the right character when in superscript or subscript FP FusionPro v5.

    Variable text composed with certain fonts in FusionPro 5. Templates created with a version of FusionPro Desktop prior to 5. FP A small number of variable images are over-enlarged — up to 4x in some cases — which had been fine in versions of FusionPro prior to 5. FP FusionPro v5. FP FusionPro Server issue. Bullet characters and other special characters used in templates created with FusionPro Desktop 5. FP Superscript and Subscript not outputting correctly for some jobs.

    Some objects on the page are misplaced. FP FusionPro Direct. Errors given in some environments when FusionPro 5. FP Cannot save rules with errors.

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    • When attempting to save a rule that has errors, a dialog appears alerting the user to this. There is no way to dismiss the dialog without losing the latest edits to the rule. Enhancements: Support for Adobe Acrobat 8. FusionPro Server composition speed improvement and improved memory usage allows select jobs to compose faster as well as larger record-set compositions. The file name field at the bottom of a page sheet is changed to the output file name.

      Note that the imposition job slug info will replace the file name field. Issues Addressed: Drop-shadows were being placed on incorrect records in stacked, imposed output. Resets palettes to their default location on the screen. Complex rules are now possible without writing JavaScript New Tab Stops capability to the variable text editor. Tab stops no longer requires the use of JavaScript Tooltips added to FusionPro Desktop frame property dialogs to identify each option when hovering over. Useful in hybrid print workflows offset shells with variable overlays where the composite piece is designed but then the background is suppressed on final output.

      Multi-file VDX issue resolved where clipped EPS images were shifting inside the graphic frame Some Digimaster output was incorrect — variable graphics were dropped and replaced with file paths. Request Demo.