Wd raid manager mac mavericks

All automatic, no questions! No WD software were installed on my mac. Searched infos on the net, with no help from Apple or WD. But the same thing happens to people with all kind of WD drives, with or without raid, and with different interfaces.

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So keep Green drives avay from Maverick upgraded systems, imho to stay safe. Try Mavericks fresh install instead and avoid WD utilities. My 2 cents.

If you have experienced data loss with the following criteria then please open support cases with both Western Digital and Apple support:. Oct 24, PM in response to chattphotos In response to chattphotos.

What is RAID 0? How To Setup an Apple RAID System (OS X Lion, Mountain Lion, Mavericks)

FYI, the Drive was not corrupted immediatly after the upgrade. It was running ok for a while, but after one reboot it showed up as an empty drive with the "MyBook" name. I was able to restore some data with some data rescue software at a friends place basically got files with no names now , so it seems the partition table got corrupted. Another interesting thing with Mavericks and this drive seems to be that the drives don't seem to spin down, when my iMac sleeps.

Western Digital 'fesses up to Mavericks data loss mess • The Register

I have to shutdown to make the drives go sleep. In Mountain Lion the disks would sleep when the iMac was sleeping. Oct 25, AM in response to idontknownousername In response to idontknownousername. After calling WD numerous times they gave up and asked me to ask Apple what Maverick does to their raid drive and to try recovering my data with a recovery software. I've never seen anything like this.


Very serious. Oct 25, AM. Same thing happened to me: WD my book studio ll. Unit reset and all data gone. It happened several times!! So until apple fixes this I have to use another drive.

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Also found the same problem. I sent Western Digital a support request, but have had no follow-up. At first I suspected it was an issue with the SSID not being registered after the upgrade, but this does not now appear to be the case. I got the same problem.

Western Digital urges caution when downloading OS X Mavericks

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