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Head to iFixit and find the guides for your Mac model.

Each guide has links to all the components and tools you need to do the job. All you have to do is pop open the access panel, remove the existing RAM modules, add your new modules, and then replace the panel.

Know your Mac Pro's Model

The whole thing should take less than five minutes. If you have any issues, check out our guide to troubleshooting your Mac. The Best Tech Newsletter Anywhere. Join , subscribers and get a daily digest of news, comics, trivia, reviews, and more. Windows Mac iPhone Android. Smarthome Office Security Linux.

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The Best Tech Newsletter Anywhere Join , subscribers and get a daily digest of news, geek trivia, and our feature articles. Skip to content. When you know what model you have, you can find out whether you can upgrade the RAM yourself. Dual-processor models have a processor tray with two large heatsinks and 8 memory slots fig.

The 8 memory slots are grouped in sets of four; each group is next to its processor. Not all memory slots are created equal.

Mac Pro 2008 Upgrade: The Works

The processors in the Mac Pro each contain three memory channels, which are wired to their memory slots in the following configuration. Slots 3 and 4, as well as slots 7 and 8, share a memory channel.

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By not populating the second of the paired memory slots, you allow each memory module to connect to its own dedicated memory channel. If you do choose to populate the last memory slots, you may reduce optimum memory performance, but only when the memory in the shared slots is being accessed.

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But this official support is based on the size of the RAM modules that were available when the Mac Pro first went on sale. If you choose the 16 GB modules, you can only populate the first three memory slots. Additionally, you cannot mix modules of different sizes; if you choose to use 16 GB modules, they must all be 16 GB. Notice that in the above configurations, slots 4 and 8 are the last to be populated, ensuring the best overall memory performance. Memory for Mac Pros is available from many third-party sources.

The ones we link to here are all reliable and represent just a few of the available choices.

Find your apple model and compatible upgrades:

These are listed in alphabetical order, not preferential. Share Pin Email. Tom Nelson has written hundreds of articles, tutorials, and reviews for Other World Computing and About.

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SDRAM is synchronous dynamic random access memory. In essence, the RAM and the processor memory bus are synchronized to the same clocking system. This RAM has a faster clock speed to match the faster memory controller in the 6-core and core processors.